Punto Night Trips
Categorias: Películas Ficha creada: 18:23, 04-04-2013 Idioma: Inglés Starring: Tori Welles, Victoria Paris, Porsche Lynn, Tanya DeVries, Jamie Summers, Mark DeBruin, Peter North, Randy Spears, Ray Victory

Description:It's midnight and Tori Welles can't sleep. Her relentless, subconscious fantasies are driving her to the brink of a sexual breakdown. But with the help of a high-tech Mindscan Imager, two dedicated scientists plan to turn her NIGHT TRIPS into reality. One sizzling erotic fantasy after another erupts while Tori is hooked up to the incredible machine. Frantic, anonymous sex girl/girl sensuality and interracial lust are just some of her mind-blowing dreams. The depths of passion are shocking! Can Tori gain control? Sometimes fantasy can become reality and just as hot!


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